Principal Investigator

Kristin Yvonne Rozier

Black & Veatch Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mathematics,
Iowa State University of Science and Technology

Professor Kristin Yvonne Rozier heads the Laboratory for Temporal Logic in Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University; previously she spent 14 years as a Research Scientist at NASA and three semesters as an Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati. She earned her Ph.D. from Rice University and B.S. and M.S. degrees from The College of William and Mary. Dr. Rozier’s research focuses on automated techniques for the formal specification, validation, and verification of safety critical systems. Her primary research interests include: design-time checking of system logic and system requirements; runtime system health management; and safety and security analysis.

Postdoctoral Associates

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PhD Students

Megan Ryan

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Zachary Luppen

Aerospace Engineering

Esther Conrad


Brian Kempa

Aerospace Engineering

Pei Zhang

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Masters Students

Christopher Pohlen

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Chris Johannsen

Computer Engineering


  • Marcella Anderson (ECpE)
  • William Burken (MECH)
  • Ashton Corpuz (MECH)
  • Ellie Diersen (AERE)
  • Matt Dodge (MECH)
  • John Edgren (AERE)
  • Christopher Johannsen (AERE)
  • Stephanie Jou (AERE)
  • Adhyasksh Kumar (AERE)
  • John Levandowski (AERE)
  • Zachary Lewis (AERE)
  • Sara Mayne (MECH)
  • Jessica Melville (AERE)
  • Camryn Mendendorp (AERE)
  • Evelyn Moyer (AERE)
  • Taylor Roquet (AERE)
  • Hanna Stec (AERE)
  • Alexander Vande Loo (AERE)

Former Members

  • Jianwen Li – Postdoc
  • Rohit Dureja – Ph.D.
  • Balaji Sivasubramanian – Ph.D.
  • Patrick Moosbrugger – Visiting Ph.D.
  • Marco Gario – Ph.D.
  • Johannes Geist – M.S.
  • Cristian Mattarei – Ph.D.
  • Thomas Reinbacher – Ph.D.
  • Yang Zhao – Ph.D.
  • Christopher Crowell
  • Douglas Flick
  • Jessica Glass
  • McKenzie Kinzbach
  • Natalie Almeida
  • Hazel Ambort
  • John Botsford
  • Abigail Gries
  • Logan Gross
  • Alex Harpenau
  • Madison Harrington
  • Nicholas Hendrickson
  • Benjamin Hertz
  • Mandy Kewitsch
  • Jaymee Logan
  • Jordan Reese
  • Catherine Sener
  • Swathy Vidyadharan
  • Josh Willin