Ph.D. Positions

Fully-Funded Ph.D. Positions.


To apply for a PhD position in the Laboratory for Temporal Logic you must:

  1. Be a self-motivated, dedicated, and intellectually-curious individual willing to follow the Guidelines of the Laboratory
  2. Be admitted to one of the following graduate programs at ISU: Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering
  3. Email an updated CV and research statement to the PI ( If you are an Iowa State University undergraduate, a good time to do this would be after earning an ‘A’ in Applied Formal Methods (offered every Fall semester).

How to Apply to ISU?

Instructions on how to apply to the graduate program at Iowa State University, and the online form to use, can be found at /apply/online/

* Please email upon submission of an application and state which PhD position your are applying for. Applicants should select the PhD program in either Aerospace Engineering or Computer Science.

Available Funded Ph.D. Positions​

  • PhD positions related to Runtime Verification and System Health Management, including novel extensions of R2U2 for space applications
  • PhD positions related to Symbolic Model Checking techniques, including temporal logic encoding for model checking and specification debugging, and novel extensions relating to the nuXmv and ABC model checkers; case studies in both air and space applications